What are some regionally accredited, legitimate online high schools?

Please list some regionally accredited, legitimate online homeschool programs. I know about Penn Foste, which is a nationally recognized legitimate online high school. But they are very expensive, their high school diploma program us $2,000.

Are there any other regionally accredited and legitimate online high schools that are a little cheaper than Penn Foster? I specifically wanna know if James Madison (a.k.a Ashworth) is legitimate.

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    Some regionally accredited online high schools that *may* have a "tuition-free public school" option (though, *not* all schools may be available in one's state of residence) include connections academy, K12 and primavera online high school.

    Even though both penn foster high school and james madison high school are apparently regionally accredited, too, they do *not* offer a tuition-free option. (Just an fyi that "penn foster college" is *only* nationally accredited, which is basically a worthless accreditation :) Another bit of info that "ashworth college" is *only* nationally accredited.

    With regard to schooling (including after high school), please do *avoid* those private For-profit schools, such as devry, ITT tech, strayer, university of phoenix, capella, argosy, keiser, ashworth, penn foster, ashworth, Colorado tech, ashford, walden, grand canyon, westwood, art institute, concorde career and others. Their course credits usually do ** NOT ** transfer to other schools, even if the for-profit school is regionally accredited as opposed to only nationally accredited.

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    Excel High School is a Regionally accredited online high school that offers State recognized high school diploma programs. They are also very affordable.

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    You can Earn your high school diploma online from James Madison High School, a part of Ashworth College.

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