It's funny how people think Seattle Seahawks will fail next season?

So many people think they will be a bad failure team because of free agency. What did they loose? Only one key player golden Tate. That's it!! No more key starters? Everyone els is good and growing! I think they will be even a better scarier team next season! If harvin will be healthy the whole season his a game changer in our offense! If they get jared Allen his gonna be a big +! Pete will get new players drafted and train them and be good if not better than the old once. Russell Wilson is growing and only getting better, same as Sherman and earl thomas! Young team! Smart coach!


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    7 years ago
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    It's funny how Seahawk fans think their team is hot sh*t and will never fail. Remember boys you have 1 SB trophy now not 3 or 4 or 6 like other teams do. I'm glad your team got to the top of the NFL totem pole, but remember your team was around since 1976 before it finally got there last season. Please show some humility and stop talking so much sh*t.

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    What makes you think they will be better next year? When a good player like Tate is lost it worsens the team. Plus they haven't added anybody to replace him. Right now they don't have a solid WR2. Baldwin is a great WR3, but not an ideal #2.

    I'm going to wait until the first week of the season, to establish if they did a good or bad job in the off season.

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    i agree, the seahawks have been losing their depth, but NOT their starters(except tate). All other teams have been losing their starters but no one is talking. jermichael finley and jared allen possibly being on the seahawks makes the seahawks poised for another playoff run. there is no better cohesive secondary than seattle's and seattle's front 7 is developing into top 10 territory or already is. seattle's offense is already more multidimensional than most of the leagues offenses!

    people are in denial that the seahawks will be just as dominant as last season. unless mass injuries happen, but i dont wish that *knocks on wood*

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    Define fail?

    Repeat as SB Champions?

    There is a reason there has only been a handful of repeat champions.

    Do I think they will repeat? No.

    That does not mean they will have a terrible 4--12 kind of season.

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    They'll probably still be a good team, but they probably won't be as good. They've lost quite a few key players and will need other guys to step up big time.

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    Yes. It's pretty funny.....

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