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Are there any institute for Ancient Hebrew Language ?

Japanese language is said that the original is ancient Hebrew.

There are so many Japanese words which is almost same pronunciation with ancient Hebrew.

Then many peoples around world think that Japanese Emperor is the descendants pf Ephraim

Tribe of theTen Lost Tribes.

I want to confirm this is true or not,,,,but I can not confirm the pronunciation of ancient Hebrew.


The following is what named after the Old Testament that is in Japan.

ancient burial mounds in the place name of Moses in Osaka Prefecture ( three sacred treasures; Pot of Mana)

Lanterns located in the Ise Shrine

,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and so on

There are remnants of hundreds of many in Japan.

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  • 7 years ago
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    You can study Biblical (ancient) Hebrew at any Christian or Hebrew seminary.

    I don't know if it was "the original language" but it certainly helps to understand the Bible if you know it.

    There aren't really any "lost" tribes. They are all known and at least some of each now live in Israel.

    It wouldn't surprise if some Hebrews came to Japan thousands of years ago. Also, it's not unlikely for Christian (who were Jews) missionaries came to Japan to speak about Jesus. Either one would have left traces of themselves in the country so, yes, your country is likely to have some Jewish influences.

  • 7 years ago

    There are great masses of Yeshivot everywhere (including Japan)

    This is the Jewish schools where people study the Hebrew Bible in the original in excruciating detail.

    The idea that the Japanese are "lost tribes" is rubbish.

    Starting in the 19th century the fashion started to develop of claiming that everybody and her mother is part of either "the lost tribes" or "true Jews".

    All of these things are based on bad history and bad linguistics.

    This is the case with the so-called similarities between Japanese and Hebrew.

    There are plenty of very good and careful studies of the development of Japanese language, culture, and history -- none of it has to do with the Jewish tribes.

    It has been very many years since I studied this material, but if I remember correctly -- the Japanese started out as a Turkic people with substantial Chinese influence.

    As for the whole concept of "lost tribes" -- this is just a Jewish poem run amock.

    The "lost tribes" refers to the kingdom of Northern Israel after they were conquered by Assyria.

    The term "lost" was used by the Jewish poet metaphoricaly - to mean that these people were separated from the land of Israel and the temple.

    But physicaly they were never lost.

    About half of them came as refugees into Southern Israel (for example - the city of Jerusalem expanded to twice the size to accomodate them)

    As for the ones that were captrued - the book of Kings specifies where Assyria took them. These people were the founders of the earliest Jewish communities outside of Israel - including Spain and Persia.

    Then, when Babylon conquered Assyria and Southern Israel -- all of the Northerners rejoined with Southerners.

    So - by the time Persia liberated them -- all 12 tribes were together as the autonomous kingdom of Judea under king Zerubavel.

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