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Pokemon X Roserade and Kingdra Stratergy good?

Hello! I was wondering if this Stratergy for Double Battles (Only Really) is good. I will not be switch this Pokémon, but please tell me if it's a good plan, any weaknesses, etc. Also, this is for Competitive double battle play.

Kingdra: Ability- Swift Swim : Item- Dragon Claw (Replacing)

-Dragon Dance

-Draco Meter


-Ice Beam (Should I replace?)

Roserade: Ability- Natural Cure : Item- Black Sludge

-Rain Dance

-Giga Drain

-Toxic Spikes

-Grasswhistle (Should I replace?)

Basically, here's a explaination:

Round 1- Roserade uses Rain Dance. Kingdra uses Dragon Dance. Major Speed Boost, and a Sp. A Boost. Not to forgot, if any Mega Charzard Y comes out with Drought, Drought will disappear thanks to Rain Dance.

Round 2- Kingdra attacks, while Roserade sets up Toxic Spikes. (Main reason I chose Toxic Spikes is due to Poison, however there are many popular ghost/flying/steel types these days... Ex: Gengar (Is it popular?), Charzard/Talonflame, Aegislash.)

Everything else is a mystery :P

And Please, nothing about Damp Rock.

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  • 6 years ago
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    Ability: Swift Swim

    Item: Dragon Gem (what is a Dragon Claw haha)

    EVs: 6 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe

    -Hydro Pump

    It's a waste to put Dragon Dance here when you're using Kingdra as a special attacker. Dragon Dance increases Attack, not Special Attack.

    -Draco Meteor

    I'm fine with this one.

    -Muddy Water

    To hit both opponents. Muddy Water can also lower accuracy so I like it better.

    -Protect? Substitute?

    Up to you, but definitely not Ice Beam. There's no need for that.

    I don't know much about Roserade. I know there's a lot of other Pokemon out there who can support Kingdra better, but anyway:


    Ability: Natural Cure

    Item: Black Sludge (or Damp Rock lol)

    EVs: 252 HP / xxx Def / xxx SpD <-You balance this out yourself depending on what you need for your team.

    -Rain Dance

    Good enough, so I guess you're making Roserade as your support for Kingdra?

    -Giga Drain

    -Toxic Spikes

    -Venom Drench

    So you can weaken enemies who get poisoned by the Toxic Spikes.


    1 - Rain Dance + Protect

    2 - Muddy Water + Toxic Spikes (It would be better if you could someone who can setup Stealth Rock though.)

    3 - .....

    I don't do Doubles much so sorry if this doesn't work well

    • Vegas6 years agoReport

      And ty for the EV's

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