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Can a friend purchase a firearm online (law enforcement discount) then I pick up and register in my name? CA.?

I am looking to purchase a rifle on an online gun retailer site (buds guns) and my friend is a law enforcement officer and gets a deep discount on this item with his discount ... How would it work if I purchased this item under his name and account, had it shipped to my local FFL and then I picked it up (I would assume I would need to be with him to verify the gun was purchased by him) and register it in MY NAME? Is there any issues purchasing a gun online (I will be buying it with my card of course) like that under another name and when it arrives he lets me register it in my name? Is there any kind of further transfer fee if it never gets registered in his name and just goes directly to me?

It is about a 100+ dollar discount so well worth the effort if possible.

Thanks so much for any information you can provide.

I am located in CALIFORNIA

It will be purchased by him of course and it will be shipped to a licensed firearm dealer here in town (FFL) and from there it goes the proper paperwork like normal even if I bought it myself.

The only thing different that will occur is that when the gun arrives it will be in his name not mine ... but at that point its only a name of purchaser basically and will not yet be registered of course.

Once it arrives he says the gun was purchased for me and then I start the regular paperwork like normal as if I'm buying a brand new rifle myself.

Thanks so much. :)

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    If your friend is the purchaser, then the FFL dealer must deliver the firearm to him after his background check. However, you can still accomplish what you want. He buys the weapon. He then sells it to you for what he paid. That will require another 10 day waiting period and YOUR background check, and will take another transaction with the FFL dealer, which will add a bit of cost ($10 transfer fee plus sales tax). If that cost is less than his discount, you will still save money, and it will all be legal.

    BTW, it is NOT fraud for your friend to buy something at discount and then sell it to you for the same price, nor do I see any way that it could be called unethical.

    (ADD: I agree with Jerry that this procedure is probably not worth it for a $100 discount.)

    Source(s): 40 years as a criminal defense attorney
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    This can be done perfectly legally. To do it, you have to follow the same procedure you would use if your friend wanted to sell or give you a gun in California.

    1) Your friend buys the gun. Now it's his, registered to him, if there's a registry where he is.

    2) You go to an FFL (gun shop) in California and tell them your friend wants to give you a gun.

    3) Your friend arranges to ship the gun to the FFL, which will handle the transfer for a $35 fee. They will also handle all the paperwork and fees for that, including a background check and holding the gun for the ten day waiting period.

    4) You reimburse your friend for his costs of buying and shipping the gun.

    The $35 handling fee plus cost of shipping the gun are going to eat up most of your friend's $100 discount. IMHO, it's not worth the bother.

    Source(s): I'm a firearms instructor in California (for my sins).
  • Anonymous
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    The liberal gun control bigots in commiefornia change their gun laws so fast no one can answer that question and be right. But in most states that is not run by the liberal gun control bigots it would be legal. Since a law enforcement officer is ordering it for you the firearm you are talking about must be legal to own in commieforina. If it is legal to own then it is who does the background check that owns the firearm.

  • 0110
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    Called fraud.

    Bad cop if he abets your crime.

    Seller wants to sell to cops, not civilians. Seller f\gives discount to cops not civilians.

    Doubt if FFL will let you do pick up since they can lose their license for such a straw man purchase.

    BTW likely maker gets Fed funds or contracts for selling to police. So may be another civil violation in your fraudulent purchase.

    Pay the extra bucks.

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  • 7 years ago

    If it's a Law Enforcement restricted firearm in California, you will most certainly run afoul of the state authorities. If not, it may not be illegal, but it's certainly unethical. My clear conscience is not worth saving a few bucks. You may want a job one day where you're given a polygraph (lie detector test). I would consider receiving a discount in this manner a fraudulent practice. You will have to confess to fraud, and probably not get that dream job.

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