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Should I get rid of my Chevy Silverado for a new WRX?

As the title suggests, my father and myself have been contemplating selling my 07 Chevy Silverado classic with 90,000 miles for a new or perhaps pre owned wrx (/maybe STI) However, my problem with this whole ordeal is, my father had bought the truck new. He then gave the 07 to me as my daily driver. Now that I am going to college, I find the wrx/sti very tempting. For most people, they would wonder why in the heck I would be asking this question; the only thing holding my back from buying the wrx is my sentimental value to the chevy.

Please do not tell me the Subaru would be "Too much car" I know my limitations.

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  • 6 years ago
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    Depending on what your heart desires. for me i love my trucks because they make money. cars dont make money. thats why i traded my clean 1995 e320 mercedes for a 2008 toyota tundra 5.7 TRD pkg with a 4 in lift to make money all day

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    i like turtles

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