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Anonymous asked in SportsOutdoor RecreationCamping · 6 years ago

Alaskan adventure questions?

So my boyfriend and I where thinking about going to Alaska for a hiking, camping, fishing, and hunting trip. That is when I graduate high school before we go to college. So what are some things we should buy. Also, how about guns on plane... How does that work?

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  • 6 years ago
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    I spent three weeks backpacking across southcentral Alaska. Katmai National Park is an ideal location for living among large brown bears, with good salmon fishing during July if you can manage to keep distance between the bears and your fish line.

    You must reserve a campsite about one year in advance within an electrified fence or pay a high price for a cabin. A flight in a sea plane is necessary at a cost of about $750 per person.

    The Russian River is another excellent choice in the adjacent state campgrounds on the Kenai Peninsula if you are on a tight budget. Hunting is available on state lands surrounding Anchorage. You should be able to fly to Alaska for about $550 from the continental United States. Buy your ammunition and other supplies in Anchorage.

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  • Honest
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    6 years ago

    Take Greyhound bus to Bellingham, WA, and on Thursday's

    the Alaska Ferry is in view of the bus station being outfitted for

    its Friday departure. If you did not get advance passage fares

    do an immediate ten minute walk to the Terminal ticket sales.

    On the east exterior is the United States Coast Guard dock

    (.50 machine-guns eliminate need for any personal firearms).

    Wait until you reach Alaska to buy yourself defense weaponry.

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  • chris
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    6 years ago

    Get Everything on this list,

    Make travel arangements now as everything gets booked six months to a year in advance.

    Aquire all the nessesary arrangements for hunting guides permits and tags in a timely manner for the same reasons some tags have limited numbers of them available and they go fast

    Contact the airline of your choice about traveling with your firearms obviously the best choice would be Alaskan Airlines.

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