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What else would you suggest for a emergency SHTF bag?

I have a backpack and in it I have:

-Water purification filter and iodine tablets

-first aid kit (minor injury)

-Trauma kit (life threatening injury)

-Benadryl, ibuprofen, and other meds

-topographical/laminated maps of my area

-antibiotic ointment

-small roll of toilet paper

-two person compact tent (weighs 3.5 pounds)

-40 oz stainless steel canteen with cup to boil water

-emergency blanket (space blanket)

-duct tape

-collapsible water bag

-military grade Para cord

-SOG seal tem survival knife

-hatchet for firewood

-storm proof matches and magnesium striking rod (with cotton balls for tinder)

-emergency food bars 5 X 300 calories each

-GLOCK .45 ACP with 100 rounds

am I missing anything that would make this a better 3-day bag?? also I'm trying to keep the load under 50 pounds in case I have to run. I intend to use this bag as means to keep 1-2 people alive for 3-5 days to get us from point A to point B. It is not a bag I plan on living in the woods off of.


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    I find your list to be wanting and overly loaded with unessesary items compare your list to a Backpackers list as you won't be driveing anywhere in a SHTF scenario,

    Also it makes no sense to have a BOB unless you have a BOB destination and if you do it makes better sense to equip that place with the heavy gear so that you can carry the light essentials.

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