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Vegan tattoo ink? Anyone here experienced in this area?

I'm vegan, and I'm considering a tattoo. But the problem is that the majority of ink brands aren't vegan. After some googling, I found a brand called Stable that is. just wondering if anyone here has tried it. I don't really know anything about tattoo ink, and I don't really wanna just pick a random one off the internet and decide to use it. It's made with powder pigment, distilled water, pure plant derived glycerin, and ISP alcohol. The reviews I've read for it sound really good.

Also, is it ok to ask a tattoo artist to use a specific brand just for me? I don't really want to seem anal, or difficult. Especially when the tattoo I want is so small. I don't want to make anybody's job difficult. Is that something tattoo artists deal with from time to time?


@ Tim: I'm sorry, but that was a dumb question. Not useful at all. It sounds as though you don't even know what veganism IS.

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    You might want to talk to your tattoo artist about it, but I think (not entirely sure though) that the only pigment you have to worry about is black, so you might be able to purchase your own vegan black ink online and bring it with you? Always good to ask first. ;) There is a problem with the paper they use for stenciling though, as so far all of that contains lanolin. You can do a little research online to see which ink brands are vegan. I think more and more artists are becoming aware of this issue and are happy to cater to their vegan customers.

  • Ask your artist if they carry ink where the gylcerine isn't animal derived.If they don't and you're set on that artist ask if you can bring your own vegan ink or they can order it for you.Glycerine is literally the only non-vegan ingredient and you can also look up a list of companies that are vegan.

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    To me this raises an even more interesting question. Is modifying your body with a tattoo in accordance with Vegan philosophy in the first place?

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