What MMORPG should I play?

I like playing mmorpg with these things preferably:

1. Hack and slash; I do the work or it's at least more complex than clicking an enemy.

2. Lots of depth ( might have houses, mounts, pets, etc...)

3. Character Creation ( I don't want a premade character )

4. Free to play

5. Not Wizard101 or Pirates101. I'm super pissed at KI already and I'm not every playing a 101 game again. ( Although they're great games! I can't forgive them for banning me )

6. Not pay 2 win or has lots of little gimmicky purchases that are needed to further the game

7. Doesn't require a mega super computer

8. Not Perfect world ( I've played most of theirs and Raiderz won't work so I'm done with PE )

I like playing as rogues or archers. I've tried LOTRO but it's buggy at the character creation so I can't play it. Don't suggest Elder Scrolls Online. The beta sucked and Zenimax is too greedy and I'm not paying all those fees. Also I don't like generic asian mmorpgs that are horrible. Also I'm not often a fan of the ones where it has "sexy" characters to advertise with large breasts and erotic poses. I just want a fun mmorpg. No superhero games or Star wars or Star Trek. If you can give me a good reason to play star wars the old republic i might try it. Thanks

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