Should I inform my current employer of my second job?

So after a year and a half of searching for a job, I've finally got one at a service station and am making a decent wage, but I have the opportunity to work at a temporary job that pretty much combines all of my passions together and an entertainer.

Before I got the service station job I full out planned on accepting the entertainer position and I was very excited about it... so much so that when I misread something and was under the impression that I had lost my opportunity to try out for the job I was completely heart broken. It was actually that night that I applied to the service station. Now the service station pays well, and I fully intend on continuing my employment with them even after the season is over for the temp position, but I really want to work the entertainer position this summer.

I haven't fully started working at the service station yet, but I do know that my schedule will be fairly random (I will more than likely be working afternoons and overnight shifts) and I will work for 8 hours each day I work. Which means I will work probably 4-6 days a week. The entertainer job will probably be during the day mostly, but occasionally at night. Since this is my first year at this job I probably will have a lax schedule.

Should I inform my main job of my second job for scheduling purposes, or should I keep it to myself and just make my second job work around my first? How should I handle it on both sides so that I can insure my schedule works for both jobs?

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago
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    Tell your boss they will appreciate it more. They cannot legally fire you for seeking 2 jobs.

  • t s
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    6 years ago

    Honesty and forthrightness would be the order of the day here. If you are going to do all this juggling, you better make sure the people know about your needs, else you will be left to explain yourself when things get bunged up as they always do. If I were your boss, I would expect to be told, and then could decide how to handle it in a straightforward manner, no matter what he eventually can do to help.

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