My bmw X5 2008 model is not starting?

After changing the battery the technician reset all the programs and his work is nearly 15 Km is stop

So, after scanning we got the trouble code EWS What is EWS ?

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  • 7 years ago
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    It's kind of funny when you've said: "..After changing the battery the technician reset all the programs"

    After replacing the AGM battery; If your BMW's system is not reset to accept the new battery, it will only provide the amount of charge required by the old battery and may cause the battery to die prematurely. Also, any error lights or warning codes that generated when the old battery failed will continue to appear on the dashboard.

    and: "So, after scanning we got the trouble code EWS What is EWS ?"

    EWS = Electronic Drive away protection or Immobilizer system

    Seems to me the technician was not familiarize with BMW vehicle. What was the code? A simple task is to align the EWS to the DME will do just fine. HTH

  • 7 years ago

    ALL EURO CARS have at least THREE COMPUTERS to operate them! They "TALK" to each other over OPTICAL FIBERS. They must be SYNCHRONISED by a special type of RE-FLASHING machine made by BOSCH! IT costs about $100 to RE-FLASH a EURO car. ONE DAY they MAY have MINIATURE BOSCH SCANNING TOOL> Maybe they ALREADY DO! I have seen BMW CARS RE-FLASHED REMOTELY from inside a REPAIR SHOP< and many EURO cars can be re-flashed by SATELLITES! Get INTO THAT ONE! YOU CANNOT USE CHEAP AUTO ZONE BATTERIES or PARTS in your BMW Or even a VW car! Most BMW cars that will NOT START have something to do with ANTI-THEFT or a bad CRANK POSITION SENSOR! PLEASE BE AWARE that you CANNOT USE VALVOLINE or other CHEAP WAX REDUCTION OILS in your BMW engine! I know someone that DUMPED THE WHOLE X5 engine, as VALVOLINE DISSOLVED THE CEMENT used on the TIMING CHAIN GUIDE RAILS! It turned the TIMING CHAIN into a CHAIN SAW< and ate the FRONT COVER OFF and SERRATED the cylinder head. USE THE BMW HELP CALL LINE! The NUMBER is in your OWNER"S MANUAL and printed on your GLOVE BOX DOOR! YOUR QUESTION MAKES NO SENSE! "15K is stop???" CALL BMW and do NOT rely on PEP BOYS and AUTO ZONE! They are FINE for small things! The EWS can affect HOW SAFE your car is to drive! A EURO CARS is as ADVANCED In tech as NASA is with SPACECRAFT!

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