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If you landed here when attempting to configure "Advanced Call Forwarding" on Xfinity Connect, it is because the Xfinity Voice 2go "Advanced Call Forwarding" feature is not currently available for your level of service (Xfinity Voice only or Xfinity Voice & Xfinity TV).

At this time you cannot have calls forwarded from your Xfinity Voice home number to your mobile devices or to your Personal Phone Numbers. This feature should be available in the near future. Please look for an e-mail in the beginning of July letting you know when the Advanced Call Forwarding feature will be enabled.

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how much is it?How do I get my mail if I don't high speed?

1 Answer

  • Namito
    Lv 7
    7 years ago
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    I would call the customer service phone number.

    Hit whatever numbers in the phone tree will put you to to sales department. Say your error message tells you that "forwarding" feature is not currently available for your level of service" and ask how to upgrade to the next level of service, and how much that would cost.

    Hope it's not too much money.

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