What is that toy.. like Sea Monkeys, but some other Crustacean?

I bought one for my friend's daughter a few years ago. They had a rounder shape and kind of looked like stingrays.. I want to look them up


Thank you, I did find this after you gave me the name


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    7 years ago
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    I believe that the crustaceans you are most likely referring to are called "Triops" ("Triops Longicaudatus") also referred to as tadpole shrimps. They are considered "living fossils", dating back 300 million years to the Carboniferous era. However, recent studies suggest this may not be the case, and they may be an entirely different species altogether. As of yet though, the general belief is that they have remained unchanged for 300 million years, and are one of the oldest living animals still in existence.

    Reply: No problem. Actually, I think that the particular family you are referring to dates only back to the Triassic, although the "Notostraca" order dates back to the Carboniferous. The "Notostraca" order consists only of the "Triops" and the "Lepidurus" families, of which the "Lepidurus" dates back to the Carboniferous, and the "Triops" dates back to the Triassic. Sorry for any confusion I may have caused.

    Source(s): Good memory, years of interest in biology, paleobiological studies, and a pinch of Wikipedia. ;)
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