I have 2001 BMW 528i when I am driving on the high way drives smooth then when I exit the car start shaking ?I turn it of then start again?

Engine run smooth?

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  • 7 years ago
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    IN A WAY BIG MAN HAS T is right! YOU MUST USE ONLY GENUINE EURO GRADE FULLY SYNTHETIC OIL In a ANY EURO CAR ENGINE! IF VALVOLINE was ever used in it YOUR OIL SPRAY JETS and OIL PRESSURE RELIEF VALVES will be LOGGED UP and your IDLE AIR CONTROL VALVE and CRANKCASE ventilation HOSES an VALVES will be HALF EATEN UP Or covered in FILTHY TAR and SLUDGE! THE THROTTLE BODY on EURO cars affect HOW THE TRANS will shift! ONE of your computers is used to ACTIVATE your IDLE AIR CONTROL VALVE and cause REVERSE FLUSHING of internal OIL VAPORS! IN THAT YEAR< our GASOLINE was HIGH IN SULFUR CONTENT and this did NOT MESH with DOMESTIC OILS made then! NOW< our oil is LOW IN SULFUR! You will have a CLOGGED UP FLAME TRAP that lives UNDER the intake manifold, NOW! It is ALSO called the OIL SEPARATOR valve! THE BWN and other EURO engineers figured out, too LATE< that our GAS used with VALVOLINE and other WAX based JUNK OILS will clog UP THIS VALVE! They made a KIT called the "WINTER PACKAGE KIT" that repairs this FLAW! It includes a NEW FILTER< new HOSES and a NEW DIPSTICK TUBE as well! It is PRICEY from the dealerships, but CHEAPER At 1-800-ALL EURO! ERHART BMW in BIRMINGHAM, MICH has a very reasonable PARTS COUNTER and things are LOWER in price! They have EXPANDED and have THREE EUROPEAN DEALERSHIPS Now! ANYWAYS your engine CRANKCASE VENTILATION is ASTRAY! REMOVE THE INTAKE manifold and either CLEAN UP WHAT YOU HAVE with AMSOIL POWER FOAM or get the REPAIR KIT! Use the AMSOIL to power wash your THROTTLE BODY and IDLE AIR CONTROL VALVE and to REMOVE the baked in GRUNGE and COKE and TAR and SLUDGE trapped in your VENTILATION HOSES and VALVES! VALVOLINE is LETHAL to EUROPEAN ENGINES! <<<THE IAC valve fine tunes the amount of AIR entering your engine and under DECELERATION it CLEANS the OIL VAPORS Out of the engine! IF VALVOLINE was ever used in your engine YOU CAN TELL <by removing your OIL FILLER CAP and flipping it OVER! If it has WAXY WAVY Or CRUSTY BROWN coatings on it, VALVOLINE or other VERY CHEAPLY MADE WAX REDUCTION OIL was used in there! NOW your OIL SPRAY JETS and oil pressure relief valves will be COOKED UP with TAR< COKE< VARNISH and SLUDGE! B-G company makes a GREAT DE-SLUDGER< and so does AMSOIL! NEVER USE OIL that does NOT have the BMW "LONG LIFE" words on the LABEL! Read a MOBIL ONE 0W-40 OIL CONTAINER sometime! TOTAL ENERGY OIL from FRANCE may be even BETTER! and LUBRO MOLY makes about the BEST oil for you! GOOD for TWO YEARS! Pennzoil ULTRA EUROPEAN carries a a 15 year 500k mile WARRANTY ON IT! ONCE YOUR FLAME TRAP is CLEANED UP or REPLACED and your engine has been FREED from SLUDGE your issues will just DISAPPEAR! NEVER TRUST and oil CHANGE CENTER with your car, and READ YOUR MANUAL about PROPER OIL SPECIFICATION NUMBERS! ALL OILS are MORE CAR specific NOW than you can imagine! FORGET VISCOSITY RATINGS ALONE! The WORST HARMFUL Oils have THOSE NUMBERS! Look for ILSAC, ACEA, JASO, and GL numbers! << BMW and AUDI and BENZ cars out there with 350k miles AND MORE! NO TROUBLES but TIRES and BRAKE PADS! I KNOW ALL THE SECRETS! YOU CANNOT TREAT a BMW like it is a PUSH ROD LUMINA or CAVALIER or DUMB BUICK!! >>>THEY REQUIRE SPECIAL EUROPEAN GRADE FULL SYNTHETIC FLUIDS ONLY! <<ALWAYS LIST MILEAGE On your BMW CARS! ALL FLUIDS In a BMW must be POWER FLUSHED and refilled every 100k miles, and the BRAKE FLUID Must be POWER FLUSHED OUT every 3-4 years or when the BRAKE FLUID IS DARK BROWN! In REALITY, all cars are like this! YOUR ZF steering and transmission REQUIRE only fully synthetic PENTOSIN PRODUCTS in there ONLY! And PENTOSIN COOLANT as well which is BLUE in a BMW ENGINE! NO PRESTONE EVER can be used!

  • 7 years ago

    The transmission may not be downshifting properly. You can manually downshift it while slowing down ONE gear at a time as youre slowing and see if it still shakes. Seems to be either a transmission related issue or an engine idle issue.

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