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Can someone name 40 of the most significant/influential people in the world/history?

I have a project and need a little help on some people I can add.

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    Charlemagne, William the Conquerer, Jesus Christ, Mohammed, Buddha, Genghis Khan, Emperor Constantine, V.I.Lenin, Cristoforo Colombo, Ferdinand Magellan, and a _lot_ of Chinese rulers I'm not familiar with. One might include Ferdinand and Isabella because of their expulsion of the Jews and Muslims from Spain after completing the Reconquista, which was to the advantage of the countries they migrated to. More recently, people like Louis Pasteur, Isaac Newton, Copernicus, Gregor Mendel, and Albert Einstein ought to be included because of their contributions to the sciences.

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  • Maria
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    Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Gandhi, Thomas Jefferson, Hitler, Harriet Tubman, Anne Frank, Hirohito, John Lennon, Benjamin Franklin

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