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How to become like Eun Jo from Cinderella's sister?

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    Why do you want to be like her? She's cold and damaged. She didn't know how to receive or give affection to the only father (step-father) who loved her. She's mean to all the people who has ever cared for her. Why do you think its a good idea to become like her? She doesn't even have friends.

    The one good thing is she worked really hard to become smart with a microbiology degree but never did anything with it. She was suppose to travel the world but she never did. She had alot of potential but threw everything away due to the korean standards of getting married and family duty. If she had cut the umbilicord while she was in college she could've studied and travel abroad relocated had a career outside of rice wine and did some real good.

    She was suppose to be a different independent chick but in the end she just became what korean society wanted from her. Its a disappointment.

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