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State of Arkansas Question for Animals out there!?

I have been looking at available land in Arkansas, but I am looking for info on how Animals/pets are treated? or how their looked at out there by the locals?,

I only ask this because I recently found out that some people in Kentucky tend to only look at pets as a piece of property and not always as living creatures, and have lots of dog fighting out there,and with recent increase of dogs being shot and left for dead out there, I wouldn't risk it with my dogs or cats,and I was told by a local there that many people in Kentucky treat them like that and its different then how we treat animals in Illinois,

so this might come across as not a great question but because I am looking to possible relocate to Arkansas, I would first like to know how they treat animals in general, My dogs are my kids, and never get loose but just in case that ever happened I would like to know that they are not most likely to shoot my dogs just because their animals , so how are animals treated in Arkansas?

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    I am sure that there are good pet owners as well as bad ones in every state. Some states have more rules set up for pets. I *think* California is one of those. There are still many beautiful spots where you can live in a natural setting and it isn't too terribly, horribly costly, at least not for California. Move here, instead?

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