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Please rate these names!?


Ashley Nora Taylor

Devany Ravenna Taylor

Ella Nina Taylor

Elle Regan Taylor

Eryn Jade Taylor

Felicia Naomi Taylor

Natesa Iva Taylor


Arlan Roan Taylor

Grayson Egan Taylor

Liam Keir Taylor

Trystan Red Taylor

Davin Rune Taylor

Haven Moss Taylor

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    Ashley Nora 8/10, I love the middle name but I'm not a fan of Ashley

    Devany Ravenna 3/10, not sure how to say this name

    Ella Nina 4/10, I like Ella but not Nina; I don't think it flows nicely with both names ending with the UH sound

    Elle Regan 6/10, both lovely names, I don't love them together

    Eryn Jade 4/10, not a fan of either

    Felicia Naomi 3/10, never liked Naomi, Felicia is not for me either

    Natesa Iva 1/10

    Arlan Roan 2/10

    Grayson Egan 2/10

    Liam Keir 4/10

    Trystan Red 5/10

    Davin Rune 4/10

    Haven Moss 2/10

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    Ashley Norar-2/10

    Devany Ravenna-4/10

    Ella Nina-10/10

    Elle Regan-2/10

    Eryn Jade-6/10

    Felicia Naomi-8/10

    Natesa Iva-6/10


    Arlan Roan-5/10

    Grayson Egan-8/10

    Liam Keir-9/10

    Trystan Red -2/10

    Davin Rune-7/10

    Haven Moss-2/10

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    Ashley Nora Taylor - 7/10 I don't mind Ashley or Nora but I don't think they go well together.

    Devany Ravenna Taylor - 4/10 There's too many V's in this name! Also Devany sounds completely made up.

    Ella Nina Taylor - 7/10 I love Ella and Nina is ok but they don't flow together at all.

    Elle Regan Taylor - 7.5/10 I like Elle but I think it's better as a nickname than a first name. Regan is okay.

    Eryn Jade Taylor - 8/10 This is quite pretty and I like Eryn but I think the spelling is tacky and would be better as Erin.

    Felicia Naomi Taylor - 6.5/10 I don't like Felicia much, I prefer Felicity but Naomi is really cute.

    Natesa Iva Taylor - 1.5/10 I'm not even sure how to pronounce Natesa, it seems made up. And Iva is pretty bad too, Ivy is much nicer.

    Arlan Roan Taylor - 4/10 Arlan is really unique but I don't mind it, Roan on the other hand is pretty awful and it doesn't flow with Arlan.

    Grayson Egan Taylor - 6/10 I quite like Grayson but Egan sounds like a surname to me.

    Liam Keir Taylor - 5.5/10 Liam is fairly common but it's an okay name, Keir is pretty bad though.

    Trystan Red Taylor - 6/10 I think Trystan is alright but it's better spelt Tristan. I don't like Red as a name though.

    Davin Rune Taylor - 1.5/10 This is terrible sorry, Davin is really boring sounding and looks like you spelt Gavin wrong and Rune is just not a name to me.

    Haven Moss Taylor - 5/10 This is okay but I prefer Haven on a girl.

  • Marie
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    Ashley Nora 8/10 Love the name Ashley and Nora is so cute

    Devany Ravenna Taylor 2/10 A mouthful of a name

    Ella Nina 4/10 Both names are cute but not together. They both end in A so it sounds like they run together.

    Elle Regan 9/10 I actually like this together. Cute.

    Eryn Jade 7/10 flows nicely and cute. But I like Erin better

    Felicia Naomi 8/10 Really cute. Great combo

    Natesa Iva 2/10 I don't like it. both names are too different for me

    Arlan Roan 2/10 I don't like the sound of it

    Grayson Egan 3/10 Grayson is cute but Egan is weird

    Liam Keir 3/10 Liam is a great name but Not liking Keir

    Tristan Red 4/10 Tristan is a great name not liking Red but Reed would be better.

    Davin Rune 2/10 Davin is better than Rune

    Haven Moss 1/10 Moss ? Really umm no.

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  • Snid
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    Ashley Nora~7~ Ashley is kind of outdated but Nora helps it out.

    Devany Ravenna~1~ I don't like the "van" and "ven" sounds together.

    Ella Nina~3~ Not together.

    Elle Regan~5~ Only okay to me.

    Eryn Jade~7~ Like Eryn but not Jade.

    Felicia Naomi~2~ Not so much.

    Natesa Iva~0~ what?

    Arlan Roan~7~ kind of like this.

    Grayson Egan~5~ Not really.

    Liam Keir~10~ Awesome!

    Trystan Red~7~ Prefer Tristan and not really liking Red unless the boy has red hair.

    Davin Rune~1~ There is a rotten kid down the street named Davin (you probably thought you made it up) so I don't like this name. rune is kind of cool, though.

    Haven Moss~1~ Nope.

  • 6 years ago

    Ashley Nora - 5/10 - bleh

    Devany Ravenna - 2/10 - too much

    Ella Nina - 5.5/10 - I like the Ella but not the Nina

    Elle Regan - 5/10 - I like the Elle but not the Regan

    Eryn Jade - 4/10 - bleh

    Felicia Naomi - 3/10

    Natesa Iva - 1/10

    As first names I like Ella and Elle.

    Arlan Roan - 5/10

    Grayson Egan - 3/10

    Liam Keir - Best one yet 8/10

    Trystan Red - I don't like the y in Tristan. With y 3/10 with i 5/10

    Davin Rune - 5/10

    Haven Moss 5/10

    Just my opinions! Good luck :)

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