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Is this cheese processed? Made in a Microbial lab?

I'm currently living in Germany and I want to think that their cheese isn't processed, but I can't be sure. There are slices of Gouda/Edam/Tilsit cheese that come in a package. When I look at the ingredients, it seems to be pure cheese as I can't find any chemicals on the ingredient list. But it says "made in a microbial lab". So I'm kind of wary. I don't know the German food laws, and maybe they don't have to put the entire ingredient list like the FDA in the US does. Does anyone have a clue about this?

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    No, you are on a wrong way, microbial lab stands here for the the ferment called 'Lab' in German made of Chymosin und Pepsin, they are necessary to 'cheese' the milk or cream. Lab doesn't amount a institute here.

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