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Donating hair?! Help please.?

Hi, I'm wondering how someone would go about donating their hair in wig form to someone they know. My cousin was just diagnosed with leukemia and lost all her hair due to chemo. Well, she is having a hard time being bald and wear caps. I have super long healthy hair and I'm willing to cut my precious hair off to give her some. I know donating to locks of love is a form but I really really want her to have my hair so she can feel pretty again. Please anyone know how I can go about this without costing an arm and a leg. Please and thanks <3

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    Donating hair is good think. Go ahead.

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    If you're from canada or the u.s. I'm pretty sure that Pantene Beautiful Lengths, if you go on their website and contact a certain person, there is a way that you can try and have a specific person get your donated hair. It was either Pantene Beautiful Lengths or Locks of Love, look around both sites and see because I know I've read it somewhere. Good luck and good on you for doing this, it'll definitely brighten up their day :)

    Updated answer: I looked it up, and it was on the Locks of Love website; it depends how old your cousin is for that organization. Here was an FAQ on the website:

    Q. Can I donate my hair to make a hairpiece for a family member or friend?

    A. If the person in need is a child and has applied to Locks of Love, it is sometimes possible. The family can contact the Case Manager for more information. If the person in need is not a child, we cannot help them. They may need to contact their local American Cancer Society chapter or the National Alopecia Areata Foundatio

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    Before you giving your hair, you should wash your hair thoroughly. Avoid using any hair products since that could make your hair unusable in the donation process. Dry your hair completely. If you're looking to make a donation with a measurable, nearly instant impact, this is it. A hair donation is a tangible gift that will change your cousin life immediately.

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