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Why do they never use the energy star symbol on any of the appliances sold new in the Philippines?

It sure would be nice if they used this label. Some of the appliances sold in SM mall or Gaisano really is energy star if you look at the power input ratings. But they never use this form of labeling to aid the buyer in a country where electricity costs more than in the States. Why is this? And will they start using it in the near future?

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    The Energy Star program was begun in the late 1970's by Jimmy Carter to address energy consumption in the United States. The initial concept was to work appliance energy consumption reductions from the bottom up through consumer demand and from the top down through mandates that made the Energy Star criteria increasingly stringent. The Energy Star program is not what it was envisioned to be at its concept and it probably safe to say that the current "Go Green" environmental movement, changes in California State laws, and recent economic downturns have all combined to revitalize the program. Still, it is a program mandated by law in and for the United States.

    Whether or not the Philippines will adopt the US Energy Star program will depend upon what the Philippines decides is appropriate for themselves. I would imagine it would depend upon what laws they can/will adopt.

    If I remember correctly, manufacturers that sell within the US are required to provide their Energy Star ratings to consumers upon request. Whether required or not, most have web sites depicting the models they sell. Despite the law, I have found the manufacturer web sites to have more readily available Energy Star rating sheets than most of the retailers. (The excuses range from we don't want to damage models to customer must have taken the tags, our web site seems to be down/not up to date to we haven't had time to update our data base or in-house paper files, and so on.)

    For myself, if I am preparing to buy a major appliance, I often turn to a publication titled "Consumer Reports" to look up what they have to say. They also have a web site but, I don't know how much of their information is free. For myself, I turn to a library to seek out current and past issues then read all of the reports about a particular appliance, appliance category, etc... It is critical to read the judging criteria as their criteria may not be the same as yours. And, I like to search out reliability reports that pop up every so often up to several years after a model is made.

    It sounds as if there is an unmet need and hence an opportunity for appliance energy use information in your part of the world. I will guess that there are additional areas of informational and/or product informational needs. You have posted on an Environmental board but, as you have discovered with respect to appliances, often the motivation of saving fiscal resources serves pretty darned well towards saving environmental resources and being "environmentally friendly". Product reliability and operational costs are also directly related to resource usage and hence environmental conservation; and of course personal/business fiscal conservation which are differently tangible. Lastly, there are a number of traditional/old school, passive, and re-use types of things folks can do to save on both fiscal and environmental resources....Have you thought of a way to tap into the motivation of saving fiscal resources that will also meet the criteria of saving environmental resources in your neck of the world? Grass roots conversation person to person among peers, family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers is one way. Are there additional communication avenues available to you and/or others for the sharing, learning, and/or teaching of things like Energy Star ratings of different appliance models etc...?

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    Bla Bla Bla.Energy star is an American thing that has proven bogus.They are not government tested.If a company makes a stove that uses any less energy than last years model,they are permitted to put the star on it.The ones that have been independently tested were shown to not be very efficient.Many ,especially in apartment complexes are very inefficient even though they have the star.

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