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Maybe my puppy was bitten by a spider today?

We took her to the dog park today, and shortly after returning home, noticed a small hard lump on her upper lip right under her nose. I looked closely at it and saw that there was a small hole in the center of it, like as if it were a bug bite, or she poked her face on a thorn or something.

I've been monitoring her all night and her behavior/appetite seem completely normal, and it doesn't even seem to bother her at all when I touch the bump, which has by now made that side of her lip very slightly more swollen than usual, and the "bite" hole in the center of the little lump has opened up a bit, but the skin is a healthy pink color inside, with a thin layer of non-runny clear liquid on top that does not overflow when I apply pressure.

Basically, I am fairly positive that she was bitten by some insect, but she is not acting sick, or like the bite even bothers her at all, nor is the bite gotten really big and nasty like in a lot of the pictures that I have seen on other dogs while doing research online about bites. I just want to know how concerned I should be, or if I should take her to a vet if things have not gotten worse by tomorrow.


I just fed her, and she demolished her food like always. No vomiting, no lethargy, no diarrhea, no strange behavior at all. If she were acting strange, I would without hesitation be taking her to the vet, but she just seems so normal.

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    VET ASAP ! My dog had the same symptoms and he almost died if I didn't take him that quick the vet said if I would have been there 3-5 hours late he will had been dead so take him to the vet no matter how tiny it is .

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    Sounds like your puppy was bitten by something. If it shows any lethargy, refuses to eat,, vomits and/or has diarrhea, seems listless, or any other unusual activity, post-haste to the Vet! Your little animal cannot tell you what happened or what's wrong. PLEASE, act on its behalf......To the Vet!!!! Good luck.

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