I have a question about my trig homework?

Ok, so the question to my homework asks for the exact value of the expression WITHOUT using a calculator. Keep in mind this question has to do with inverse trig functions.

Expression: (sin^-1) (sin 3 pi/2)

My work:

(sin^-1) (sin 3 pi/2)

3 pi/2

*I glanced at my unit circle*


However when I typed in "-1" in my online homework, it was considered wrong. So it gave me another try and I put 3 pi/2 as my answer. That was also incorrect and the homework told me that the correct answer is -pi/2


This is my face after seeing the right answer:


Please explain how -pi/2 is correct and show your work

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  • Pope
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    7 years ago
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    = sin⁻¹(-1)

    = -π/2

    sin(3π/2) = sin(-π/2) = -1

    But 3π/2 is not on the range of sin⁻¹(x), while -π/2 is.

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