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Driver's License?

Okay, in the state of Iowa if you are 18. Can you just go to the courthouse and take your driving test and your written test and get your license? Or do you absolutely have to have a permit and driver's ed to get it? Or just a permit?

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    you go and take a written test and an eye/hearing test Secretary of State or Department of Motor vehicles. if you pass you receive a learners permit. get comfortable and schedule a road test by the time the permit expires which is usually a month.

    take that piece of paper and go get your picture taken at the SoS/DMV!!!

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    You will need to go the the DMV that is close to you. You can take the permit test there and complete your eye exam. You will need the permit in order to complete your driving test to get your license.

    Source(s): me.. from IA
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    Go to your state's website and find the link to driver's licenses,and click on it.It will tell you exactly what you need to do.

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    Following link has couple of procedures with information which can help you out.

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