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Why did ATF Storm a Gun Store to Seize Customer List Despite a Judge’s Restraining Order?


Joel, My son and I both have one.

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  • shroud
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    the ATF seems to be making the rules as they want

    in cali you are allowed to make and own a rile (1 only) without any serial number

    the part they are upset about is not fully made it's called a 80% lower and it is legal

    the ATF says that the way it was made makes them illegal,BUT they have not yet proved that

    they are investigating the company that makes it, but no court action yet to decide if they are illegal

    but that is the reason they raided the gun parts store and demand the list of buyers of that part

    and calling that one part a firearm is like calling a car frame a full car and making you get it inspected and licensed

    Source(s): even if that part is found to be legal the ATF still has and will keep that list of names
  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    Well the article said he was allegedly selling illegal arms, but if he had a restraining order, it was certainly illegal.

    But what else can you expect from a super gun control state like California?

    Its the new Nazi Germany.

    Is Obama trying to create a national regristry? No, I'm sure he wants one but this appears to be an isolated incident.

    Lets hope this man files a lawsuit and sues the pants off the ATF for violating the restraining order.

    Oh, and in the mean time, you should buy an AR15

  • 6 years ago

    because obama is building a database of all american gun owners, so that when he declares martial law, he can have his jackboots bust down their doors and confiscate them.

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