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Pokemon X: Am I Super Eevee trainging correctly?

Ok so I got my squirtle and I just Super eevee trained him in the Balloon Sp. Def and I'm pretty sure I maxed out Spe.Def so now i'm thinking of doing either Attack or Sp. Attack not sure yet. So after beating a lot of those balloons to max out my eevee's I just go battle wild pokemon to level up and the Sp. Def and Att or Sp.Att will go up... right? Is this how it works,Just Super train and then when you max out battle wild pokemon?

Just in case my Squirtle's Nature is Rash.

1 Answer

  • Lankey
    Lv 7
    6 years ago
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    The bonus stats earned through EV training are awarded as the pokemon levels up so as soon as you finish EV training you can start battling and leveling as you normally would

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