I really like this girl, any advice?

There's a girl that I have started to like recently and idk what to do. We met in class last semester and started texting back in like November. I actually asked her out a month afterwards but she had a boyfriend and turned me down after initially saying yes to lunch with me. I was going to let her go and was kinda over her until she started texting me in January before second semester and now we text most days. The last week we've really begun to joke around and have long conversations throughout the day and seem to be genuinely getting along and we study together a lot. Last time we met up to study we barely got anything done though as we mainly just talked to each other. And when I went on spring break, I didn't talk to her really, because I was preoccupied with SB, and she snapchatted me saying she hoped I was having a good time and that the weather back home was miserable. I just can't figure out why a girl who wasn't interested in something, be it friends or something more, would text with me throughout the day and sende snapchats like that. It's obvious something made her think of me while I'm nearly 1000 miles away on break. That's a good sign that she thought of me and acted on it, right?

Anyways just looking for some advice. She was with her boyfriend for about 4 years and that's one of the reasons I am hesitant. Idk how soon is too soon to ask her out and let her have had time to recover and be ready to get back to dating


2 Answers

  • 7 years ago

    sounds like she might be ready for that date

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    be yourself

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