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Can I make the MLB?

I dream of playing professional baseball everyday when I wake up and when I go to sleep. I'm currently playing club or rec but all of the older players who have played at high levels have said I have a lot of potential. I'm left handed but throw right handed,18 years old, 6 foot 2 inches I play centre field and pitch often because I have a strong arm I can throw from centre to home when needed. I'm tight in the field and can run 100m in under 13 seconds. I am very good at batting usually scoring a home run a game. Or driving the ball between the left a centre field gaps. I dont know my batting average. Do I have what it takes to play in the major leagues. The only con is I'm 95kgs a bit over weight because I don't go to the gym enough but I can change that with hard work.

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    It sounds like you have the athletic ability, you just need to play and play a lot until you are ready. Find a good coach to work with you. There are tryout camps around the country all the time. Good luck!

    -- There is a full 10 yard difference between 100m and 100yds

    -- Mickey Mantle was a switch hitter by the age of 5. I read his biography. His father would pitch to young Mickey from the right side and his grandfather from the left.

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    If you really desire to play MLB, you would not be 95 kgs overweight. 100 meters at 13 seconds is not bad, but there is not that much difference of 100 meters and 100 yards. You need to turn up your desire to make it to the big leagues and more so your belief that you will make it to the big leagues, if your belief that you will make it to the big leagues was as great as it should be, you would have no need to ask us, you would KNOW that you will make it. Because you are still only 18, you can learn to be a switch hitter in two months or less. That would also greatly increase your chances. Mickey Mantle's Dad saw this when Mickey was about your age and made sure he became a switch hitter. You don't want to be platooned a lot in the minors or majors, those guys often never get a real chance to get into a groove and go on a long hot streak.

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    right if you like it that much and are wiling go for it

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