Assembling PCs for sale yourself?

I know of a few builds better than your basic Best Buy $1,000 can't play very many games on PCs. They cost me under $600, without the monitor or keyboard. And then there's a plan I have for a video editing PC with parts I have in mind that cost a bit more but should sell for higher. I'm thinking Ebay.

But then a friend brought up and important question.

What about the warranty?

That seems important, so what about it? Are there any laws pertaining this?

How would I go about issuing a warranty when I only assembled it myself?

Or is it even necessary?

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    6 years ago
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    You are not required to offer a warranty, but you do need to make it very clear to any customer that there is none at all. Buyers would then decide if that was important to them or not, and buy from you or not.

    If you want to offer a warranty, you will want to put a lot of limits on it. Length of time, what parts or labor are covered, anything that would void the warranty, the buyer's responsibilities, etc. You can find a lot of information just by browsing the warranties from a lot of different companies, for ideas.

    Note that if you are not an authorized distributor for the parts you are using in the assembly, you cannot transfer the manufacturer's warranty you got when you purchased the part. So if a video card goes bad you can't replace it and then send the bad one back to where you bought it for a warranty claim. That sort of activity is excluded by the manufacturers.

    If you have confidence in your parts and your assembly skills, you can figure that you will have very few claims, so you just take your profits as they come in, and pay for new parts out of that when you have to replace something under your warranty to your buyers. You should net to the good side unless your parts are shoddy and have a high failure rate. Just a cost of doing business.

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    6 years ago

    I build Gaming computers and i have a Registered Business i offer a 3 year warranty on all gaming computers i build .yet to have one back that has had any problems .

    i do recommend the customer does take out there own warranty after that so I give them a list of Reputable company's and then that is down to them .

    I have some one that does all my warranties for me so its professionally done and it includes what is covered and what is not .

    a Lot of people do a years warranty .But i am so confident with what i build i did 3 years warranty .

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