the difference between mini cooper and cooper S?

I'd like to know more about mini cooper and mini cooper S, any introduction and modify advice is welcomed.

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  • 6 years ago
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    In before of the MINI Cooper S , I never thought this figure does not have performance so outstanding to precursor car 4 meters. Of course, the performance I said here contains two meanings, one is control, the second is power. The control part, MINI almost did the limit of a precursor trolley; and the power part, only with the 1.6 liter twin scroll turbocharged engine, it is achieved the acme.

    MINI Cooper S and MINI Cooper S Clubman 1.6 liter twin scroll turbocharged engine used the "turbo" and "direct fuel injection" technology of double vortex tube. Engine capacity of 1598 ml, the maximum torque range from 1600 240Nm to start can last up to 5000.

    Equipped with SPORT gearbox mode with manual shift paddles on the steering wheel back, although this configuration is standard in the ordinary version of the model, but the engine is different or can make these buttons have more fun.According to the driver's style changed the steering wheel strength of electric power steering. For example, press the SPORT button, the steering wheel will be more heavy steering also seems more accurate some. At the same time, in the DS block mode if you press the SPORT mode, automatic gearbox will drop a gear, the engine speed will rise 1000, at the same time delay to 5000 rpm will lift off, in order to maintain sufficient power output engine.

    In the test project, factory specially arranged a challenging project, In the process of continuous sharp turn, not only test the body of steel and manipulative, more for active safety equipment "alert level". In the final test, MINI will perform a Perfect Parking on a less-adhesive roadMINI Cooper S and MINI Cooper S Clubman equipped with CBC Cornering Brake Control and automatic stability control and traction system, and dynamic stability control system DSC. These active safety device can guarantee that in the limit of interventional manipulation environment, the vehicle can still according to the driver's intention accurately complete the action, and not in a dangerous situation of extreme. Emergency brake assist device with ABS and EBD can indeed make vehicle reduce speed in a shorter distance and time, and in extreme cases, even 0.1 meters distance will appear particularly important.

    Equipped with MZ MINI Cooper Turbo made by Wuxi Mingzhu Turbocharger Manufacturing Co., Ltd.,promote engine more efficiently and increase the power. Ensure you the latest and greatest with good power and an enjoyable daily drive

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  • Fox
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    6 years ago

    the S is turbocharged the normal cooper isn't

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    The S is the sport model, it probably has an SST transmission. That means its automatic but you can switch it to where you control when the gears change.

    Source(s): Aspiring Mechanic
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  • 6 years ago

    The S stands for the sport model! So it's just zippier and well, sportier, basically.

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