Free Porn! website interrupts other users in home?

So we have router & desktop computer plugged into cable box. When desktop user, who is cheap, went on Free Porn! site some of us lap-top users lost access to some sites we had open on our lap tops &/or cell phones.

I got desktop user to leave Free Porn! site `& for good measure turned off desktop.

Why dowebsites, (Youtube, Yahoo, etc.) become unavailable when Free Porn! websites are being used? Do I need a better router or possibly find a way to make Free Porn! no available on desktop computer?

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  • 6 years ago
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    who is your provider and how old is the router ... if you have comcast - att timewarner that is your problem . i use cox cable .i have 1 old desktop set for SETI Explore . than the other 2 laptops as general use my tablet is always on and i have no problems streaming any content -----i am not on wireless g config - am on the new ac router asus

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