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Can you tell me if these people look celtic or germanic and why?

George Washington.

Benjamin Franklin.

Judi Dench.

Daniel Craig

. The queen.

The general british populous.

The Irish.

Sean bean.

Izabella scorupco.


There are more you need to click show more lol.

Update 2:

You need to click show more to get the full list just feel free to give brief answers.

Update 3:

Brief descriptions.

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    There was no one look to being Celtic or Germanic. These groups were made up of various peoples. However, here I go and I'm basing the looks on whether or not they look like my German husband. Everyone looks Germanic mostly. I have no clue what a Celt looks like since they were made up of various people spread out over Europe. Don't even say they had red hair. lol. They were dark haired in Spain and those people moved into England. Central Celts were taller and lighter in hair and eyes. The Queen is German. To me a Celt looks more like Victoria Beckham or Catherine Zeta Jones. Like an original Briton from Wales or something similar. Everyone else you listed looks Germanic more than they look like original Britons/Celts... but what do I know?

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    As others have said, there is no one look. Half of Germany was celtic at one time and probably all of England (though the eastern coast was always a bit questionable!). So most people will probably have a mixture of the two at some point.

    It is very difficult to describe the 'British populous' as a whole because various parts have different histories. The average Cornishman may look quite different from an East Anglian (or not as the case may be.)

    On average, if you look at the hair/eye maps, although they don't seem totally accurate, there is a split between eastern and western Britain with the west (the 'celtic' areas and surrounds) always being the darker. In Ireland too the darkest hair is in the west, although Ireland is pretty dark as a whole...over 43% have dark hair. Celtic areas are slightly more red haired than elsewhere but reddism is high in many parts of England too.

    I don't think any of the examples you gave look particularly one or the other (except that the Irish don't look Germanic because they are not very Germanic or Norse; recent tests have shown the viking influence is usually only 2% where vikings settled, and not more than 4%)

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    In my opinion, neither. Also both men have English Ancestry. Britain used to be Celtic and the English language developed from Old English which developed from Germanic languages which came from Germanic invaders/settlers. That might shine some perspective.

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