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How's My Fantasy Baseball Team? 1-10?


C. Wilson Ramos

1B. Anthony Rizzo

2B. Martin Prado

3B. Miguel Cabrera

SS. Troy Tulowitzki

OF: Justin Upton

OF: Hunter Pence

OF: Jason Heyward

Util: David Wright

Util: Jean Segura



Mark Teixeira

David Freese

Mike Napoli

Mike Moustakas



Alex Cobb

Mike Minor

Jason Grilli

Jonathan Papelbon

Ernesto Frieri

Jon Lester

R.A. Dickey

Joaquín Benoit

Ubaldo Jiménez

League Settings:

Normal Settings

12 Teams

I am NEW to Fantasy Baseball! I don't really know a lot of players, so if you know any sleepers that still may be in Wavier Wire, let me know their name and who I should drop for them. Thanks!

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    Ramos- C (not a good starter for fantasy)

    Rizzo- B (could hit lots of HR, but will have a horrible average)

    Prado- C+ (could have good average but power is lacking)

    Cabrera- A+ (best player in MLB)

    Tulo- A (top 5 player in MLB if healthy)

    Upton- B- (lots of power, but very inconsistent)

    Pence- B (good player, but dont expect last years numbers again)

    Heyward- B (lots of potential but very inconsistent)

    Wright- B+ (reliable, but old)

    Segura- B (potential to be great, but only has played one solid year)

    Teixeira- C (if not healthy/B+ if healthy)

    Freese- C+ (good bench player)

    Napoli- B (lots of power, but no average)

    Moustakas- C (boat loads of potential, but probably will never reach max ability)

    Cobb- B- (probably a 3rd or 4th starter)

    Minor- B- (good if healthy)

    Grilli- B+ (great closer, good pick up)

    Papelbon- B (good closer, but has a major attitude problem)

    Frieri- B (good closer, sneaky pick)

    Lester- B (good pitcher, ace for his team, but not a fantasy ace)

    Dickey- B (CY Young year was a fluke, middle of the road at best)

    Benoit- D (just a basic reliever, drop for a true closer)

    Jimenez- B+ (could have a great year in Baltimore, but very inconsistent)

    You seem to have drafted a lot of high risk/reward players. Out of 12 teams you will probably place around 7-8 with this team. I would suggest seeing who is available on the trade market and try to acquire better starting pitching. You also need a new catcher, Ramos is not a viable option.

    Source(s): league champ 4 years in a row
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