is this sentence complete ? synonyms for so?

Cassia grabs Diana’s hair and distributively separates it into 3 pieces.

is distributively used right ? i am positive it is but someone told me its distebutedly.

another thing, what is another formal words for so ? i mean so as a result.

like : i didn't like the food, so i spit it up.

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  • 7 years ago
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    I'm almost positive that distributively isn't a word. It may be. Try something like, "three equal pieces." If they're braiding it, try something more like this:

    "Cassia grabs Diana's hair and quickly twists it into a braid."

    And instead of so, try:

    "I didn't like the food, and due to this, I spit it up," or, "I didn't like the food; therefore, spit it up."

    Remember, don't go too formal with words. It'll sound unnatural and like you're trying too hard. :)

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