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I write a lot of fanfictions, and the story I am on now is almost over. I want to start another, but I am having writers block. Does anyone have ideas to help with the block, or any ideas? I typically writing angsty like stories that usually end happily or a comedy (I also write very little romance).

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  • 6 years ago
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    Well, one of benefits of writing is that you can create something that you would like to read.

    So, ask your self - what is it that I like? When you figure it out, start working on it.

    Or, you could just open the newspaper and go through the news. There are plenty of murders, rapeing, bank robberies, ilness...

    So you could write about someone struggling with leukemia or cancer. You can write about victims of rapeing.

    You could open a random page of random book, and choose one sentence from it base your story on it.

    Try looking at some post cards or any other pictures, and maybe that what you see gives you inspiration. If it's old house, what it was built for? Maybe it was mean to be a love layer? Maybe some young man went from poor to rich, so he wanted to show the world he has money, hoping he'll get the girl of his dreams? Or, the house was built for some secret meeting? Or, is it a door to another world?

    Read more books, that will give you the inspiration too. I sometimes find it by watching movies or music videos.

    Hope I helped, good luck!

  • 6 years ago

    Im having the same problems most of the times maybe Write Bout something that has to do with your daily life or anything special ever happened to you and create a story about it

    Hope it helps :)

    Good luck

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  • 6 years ago

    Write about the people who live in pitkinville a tiny town in north dakota where everyone has pet beavers and cougars that keep all the yard knomes hopping with the towns magic pizza delivery service going on. lots of bobcats and invisible clowns fooling around with your inbox. critters like walking fish talking baboons and big old grizzly girls with big hearts and lots of rotisserie chicken on wagons driven by nurses late for work at the beauty parlor where buffalo hunters are waiting for a perm just before the hunt. or........not? :)

  • 6 years ago

    Since you like writing fan fictions, how about taking an old movie and playing the "what if" game? Pick a movie you liked for some reason and toy with it.

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  • khaled
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    6 years ago

    write about the sex problems between ant and her elephant boy friend / or about the stupid man who wished to make a horror film so he burnt himself / or the lady who wished to divorce from her husband so she mocked from him till he killed her / or about the doctor who lost the hope in treating his patient so he put him in the museum of art / or about the man who wished to marry a girl so he kidnapped her mother instead of her ....etc

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