Audacity/Blue Yeti Microphone Problem?

I was recoding my voice through Audacity and everything was working fine and it sounded good. Audacity crashed but I was able to recover my project but now when I record new stuff it sounds really bad. It's louder, the hissing noise is more prevalent but worst of all it sounds really echoie.

Is there a switch on my microphone I may have pressed? Is there some setting on Audacity that may have got reset?

Please any help would be great.


Sorry, yes I am using Windows but my main issue is that it was working fine before but after Audacity crashed it sounds way different. I'll try to make future projects better but since it got messed up during the project I'd rather just try to figure out the problem so it will sound consistent.

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  • 7 years ago
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    You didn't mention what Operating system your using, but I can guess, (windows) Audacity is a Linux software program that works best with the Free Linux operating system So if you want the best Audio system then use the worlds best operating system that goes with it. which is Linux. check out this website and you'll see why Linux is far superior

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