I'm interested in Columbus Ohio?

I'm in New York currently and want to relocate I see homes and condos for $20 thousand or less and I see apartments going for $500 or less How do I know about how I can acquire the best value in a home or apartment or even a condo if I want to rent or buy something cheaply?

Or am I merely dreaming and chasing rainbows? Is it possible to buy decent low cost real estate in Columbus Ohio without regrets? Without getting into a questionable or dangerous area of Ohio? Please guide me

BTW - I've never owned a home in my life

Thank you



I'm hoping to hear from a realtor who can give me advice - I have been viewing websites but they really don't help me with my questions though I appreciate those who have answered my question

2 Answers

  • B
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    7 years ago

    go to realtor.com and check out columbus ohio markets or go to zillow.com

  • 7 years ago

    check out trulia.com,loopnet.com and zillow.com are best source for property.

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