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What is the duty of a CEO'S duty?

What do chief executive officers do at the job? And how much do they make per year as salary?

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago
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    In general, CEOs make between $71,539 - $417,313.

    Job Description for Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

    A chief executive officer (CEO) is someone who is in charge of an organization and normally makes the vast majority of all business related executive decisions. In order to succeed at the position, a CEO must have great social skills, possess the ability to be an effective leader and not shy away from making big decisions. The specific job duties that are required from a CEO will vary depending on what type of organization they happen to be the leader of, as there could be a wide range of job responsibilities that may differ from one another. A CEO shoulders the large burden of having the majority of accountability when it comes to the success or failure of an organization, as one major decision can often take a large toll on a company whether it is good or bad. A few of the many job responsibilities that a CEO may have include several commanding responsibilities such as leading, guiding, overseeing the job performance of other highly ranking company employees such as the president and vice presidents. Furthermore, the CEO will also be responsible for putting together and formulating a strategic set of plans on how to address the direction of their company, as this is one of the more important parts of carrying the job title. It is their job to make sure that all employees carefully follow these plans when it comes to all business decisions and matters that go on within the company itself. A CEO makes a great living and can afford a very nice lifestyle away from the company, but the position comes with some large responsibilities and long hours that can be very stressful.

    Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Tasks

    Determine overarching goals and initiatives.

    Establish positive relationships with stakeholders and other business leaders.

    Drive strategic planning, business development, and fiscal operations.

  • Thor
    Lv 5
    7 years ago

    1. It depends on how the company is structured, but the CEO is the top manager and usually has the authority to make any decision for the company. Examples could be mergers, allocating resources, organizing departments, shareholder meetings, execute deals, etc...

    2. Pay can vary from nothing to millions. It depends on the company. A corporation can be a one man show or thousands of employees in several countries.

  • Ryan M
    Lv 7
    7 years ago

    Job duty- depends

    Pay- depends

    I hope you didn't think that there was even remotely an answer to such a vague question. That's like asking "what does someone in the Navy do all day?" "How much does an actor make?"

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