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Anonymous asked in Computers & InternetSoftware · 6 years ago

Does pirate bay have secret viruses/?

I know its illegal and I should not do, don't scare me with lies, tell me the truth.

today was the first day I downloaded something from pirate bay. I got the deluxe version of my webcam. I showed it to my parents and they freaked out and told me to close it. they said if you download stuff from the interent especially for free, their are hackers that put really big viriuses that you wont be able to detect, Norton wont find it, and they don't mess up your computer but they just watch what your doing, see your computer info(everything that's on it) and since I downloaded this, these hackers can see this right now, listen to what im saying near my laptop, and actually see me right now even if this webcam is off.

it sounds kinda true, my parents said its too late, this virus came in like a vessel with this software I wanted and once it landed inside my computer, it spread everywhere, now even if I delete this software, they see everything.

think about it, you get thousands of dollars of free software and expect no strings attached? some stuff on pirate bay have serious viruses on it, it all depends on popularity, but maybe pirate bay works with some really big hackers like in Russia and they put this undetecalbe virus that moniters you without being detected?

some of you guys are real experts in this subject, so can you answser this in depth and explain if this is really true or not and whether or not I should delete my new progrom?

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  • 6 years ago
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    I don't think it's probable that the pirate bay themselves have people injecting viruses. If you consider the legal harassment they endure, it seems pretty clear that they have very strong opinions about the fact that torrents should be available to everyone. Black hat hackers usually keep quiet under the surface. If there's anything to worry about, it would be the people uploading content. It is highly possible that there is some content on the pirate bay which have infected files. However, you must consider the fact that standard web browsing these days isn't entirely safe either. The best thing to do is have some good virus protection software installed on your computer, and scan frequently. If you're going to use the pirate bay, always read the comments before you download something. I don't think the fact that it's expensive software necessarily means there's strings attached, cause some people just want to make these things available to the public, much like the founders of the pirate bay themselves. The bottom line is, you can never be completely sure of yourself, but I do think your parents are overrating things a bit.

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  • Pirate Bay doesn't host anything. Files come from seeders and peers. If you haven't spent the time to learn what is safe and how to protect yourself online either don't use torrent or wait until you do understand. Don't blame others for your mistakes.


    People who know what they are doing find safe downloads from lots of torrent sites. Others can find garbage wherever they go.

    Remember, torrent sites are just link sites, they are not hosting the files you want to download. Learn how torrenting works or don't use it.

    BTW: Neither you nor your parents have a clue what a virus is. Nobody is spying on you from your computer or watching you or listening to you. Take it to a reliable repair shop and have them "clean" it, install an anti-virus and a firewall.

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