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TB test normal?

Does anyone know what a normal result after a TB test (tuberculosis) looks like? And what it looks like if you do have tb?

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    I took the TB test twice before. A normal test that shows you are clean from tuberculosis will be a bump less than 10 mm in length. Which is the result you are hoping for.

    If you have a bump that is 10 mm or more (in my case, I was borderline right at 10 mm) then most likely you have been exposed to tuberculosis. This DOES NOT mean you HAVE tuberculosis. However, the doctor I was with told me that 1/10 people exposed to tuberculosis develop the disease. I was given medicine that was supposed to last for 9 months but then cut down to 6 months. After taking that medication, I do not have to take TB tests anymore as I am now immune to tuberculosis.

    I have been told chances of being exposed to TB increase with travel. Ex. The Philippines

    The fact that you are taking the test means you have nothing to worry about. It's just the first result I described is not as time-consuming and annoying.

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    If your TB test results come out positive it just means you need to get treatment. As Kelly indicated, treatment lasts for 6 months, and it's very important that you complete your treatment as directed. Otherwise the bacteria can become treatment immune and you'll need to take other medications. Of the 2 Billion people in the world today who carry the TB bacteria, only 1 in 10 will become sick with it in their lifetime. But it is important to get treatment. If your test comes back positive there are other tests that can be done to confirm the illness. To read more about the facts of TB check out my article at:

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