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Was dark shadows the first attempt at making vampires boring?

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    Dark Shadows, 1966.

    They tried to make a day-time drama series about the occult, including Vampires. Most people did not have colour television at the time.

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    Dark Shadows was a show from the 70's or 80's (I forget); the movie is just a continuation of that.

    Most vampire movies are lame (I should know - I am always on the lookout for good vampire movies (anywhere from B movies to blockbusters), but most of them disappoint). Same with vampire books.

    It's actually not that easy to make a good (non-cheesy) vampire story. Few have succeeded (in my personal opinion).

    Source(s): I'm a vampire fan
  • If your not a fan of Twilight, it was the second attempt.

  • Pete
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    No, that was Twilight.

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