Environmental Engineering Jobs?

I'm a junior and thinking about applying to colleges as a major or environmental engineering, are these jobs plentiful or will I have trouble finding a job? I want to do something to help the world and people in general, I was thinking of becoming a doctor but im a female and id like to have kids during my mid 20s while i have a stable career and if I became a doctor that would not work out with so many years in schooling, but anyways if I could just have general info on environmental engineers, their work environment, what they do, salary,job availability, etc thatd be nice, thanks

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    Environmental engineers are technological advisers who help with the growing challenges of land use, pollution, resource regulation and environmental laws. They use technology to help meet these challenges and develop sound solutions. In this way they are vital to helping form public policy to regulate the land, air and water resources for generations to come. Businesses now use environmental engineers to understand how to keep their impact on the environment to a minimum.

    Environmental engineers may work in the field and/or in an office. They can design, evaluate, or manage control systems for erosion and water as well as waste processing facilities. They often work for the government and inspect facilities for compliance with environmental laws. They also monitor for pollution by testing air and water quality and coming up with model projections. In some cases they may work on animal housing and care. For example, they make work to ensure that waste from a large project like a turkey farm will not harm the local wildlife and environment. They may even be called in as expert witnesses in court cases involving pollution or other violations of environmental laws.

    Environmental engineers are generally required to hold at least a bachelor's degree in environmental engineering or a related field. The need for environmental engineers is great and will continue to grow as we become more aware of the needs of our planet and our reliance on our environment for survival.

    The national average pay for an Environmental Engineer is $60,356 per year.

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