My Mazda 3 2008 check engine light came on but car seems ok, what usually causes this? Advice would be appreciated?

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  • 7 years ago
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    READ CAREFULLY and take my ADVICE to the BANK< as they say! YOUR OIL CHOICES are cusing this issue! BAD OIL< likve WAX BASED VALVOLINE< makes SDLUGE that gets INTO your engien snesors, ENGEINMEATLS and then BAKES INTO THEM! It costs FUEL ECONOMY as yoru engine coolects MORE and MORE TAR A|BAKING into engine metals and into SENSROS! RIGHT NOW you have a DIRYT THROTTLE BODY and IDLE AIR CONTROL VALVE there! $20-40 at ANY oil change center can clean them up! The IAC fine tunes the amout\=nt of AIR entgering yoru engein from COMPUTER adn PO2 sensor signals! BAD OILwil lock them up, and your engien wil SUFFOCATE FOR AIR! Your FOOT only adds MORE AIR to injected fuel! It does NOT pump any GAS at all! IT ONLY OPEN THE AIR DORR tothe engine! FUEL FOLLOWS later! it is teh OPPOSITE of a CARB engine! A DIRTY IAC wil ENRQAGE the O2 sernosr, the CONVERTER< adn cause CARBON BUILD=UP on PLUGS rings sprak plugs, EVERYWHERE! ASt ime goes ON< carsaare made to HIGHER and HIGHER PRECISION. OLD TYPES OF OIL wil KILL THEM and void warranties QUICKLY! MOBIL ONE "0":series oil are the EASIEST to find and the BEST to use! AIRPLANE ENGIENS use EXXON/MOBIL lubiracnts and fuels SO SHOULD YOU! YOU will SAVE your engien if you study OIL Just a bit! NEVER BNUY by only VSICOSITY RATINGS! That is where OIL CAHNGE CENTERS wilGET YOU every time! They see\ll CHEAP BARGAIN SPECIALS that use INFERIOR quality, unrefined OILS with LOW ratings, but OKAY VOISCOSITY NUMBERS! YOU GET SMARTER NOW! Look for ILSAC, ACEA< and JASO ratings along with GL numbers! YOUR MAZDA will THRIVE on MOBIL ONE 0W-30 oil! You only need ONE CHANGE each year using a MOBIL ONE FULLY SYNTHETIC OIL FILTER! YOUR iac valve remain SHOWROOM CLEAN and so will the THROTTLE BODY! Here is where the FINAL AIR/FUEL misture is MADE! DO YOU SEE NOW! you do not really have a choice! Read oil labels IF you make ZERO SLUDGE< VARNISH ro COKE< yoiru senosrs wil REMAIN SHOWRROM CLEAN! Same for EXPENSIVE CONVERTER adn EXHAUST SYSTEM PARTS! I have AUDI and BWMW and BENZ cars out there with 450k miles and MORE< runNing FINE and ALL ORIGiNAL PARTS!

  • 7 years ago

    There are a number of things that will turn that light on, its a catch all.

    1) you drove off with the gas cap missing. It is mandatory for cars to have this feature that detects the gas cap missing and they flash the engine light. You need to cap the gas and start the car a few times for the light to go off.

    2) There are sensors in the engine block that detect knocking and try to adjust the idle speed, if you change gas types (normal, high octane) you can sometimes get this light.

    3) your car is overheating, check to make sure you're not overheating and that you have plenty of coolant.

    4) go online and find the procedure to read your engine computer. Most cars (like your mazda) have a feature that will display what is the last code that caused a problem on your car, you basically turn on the car while pressing something and do a combination of things and the code will flash on your odometer display in a sequence of usually two to three blinks, you count the blinks and read from a list what happened. Or, go to a mechanic with the scanner that will read out all the codes your engine put out since it was last reset.

    The most important thing to remember is that when the engine light comes on you have to get it looked at, if you don't you run the risk of ruining the engine, unless its the gas cap thing, you should really get it checked. Your mazda dealer should be able to read the codes and tell you what they say.

  • 7 years ago

    many auto parts stores will check engine free

  • Brent
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    7 years ago

    Most of these answers are way too tl;dr and irrelevant.

    1. Scan for trouble codes

    2. Diagnose properly

    3. Repair properly.


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