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Need uncommon french vocab:corruption, feminism?

I have certain topics for my exam, I am looking up translations as I write this (well, after!) and I would appreciate any supplementary help that could provide that deal with these matters:


The status of women

Film appreciation

That's about it, the easier ones I can manage, hope some natives can help me here :)


Update; Thanks Tangi, I need some beyond the translation, like the vocabulary you'd use for these topics. I can translate myself, I just want a better array of words :)

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  • Tangi
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    6 years ago
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    • Corruption = La corruption

    Vocabulary you would use with corruption :

    - un pot-de-vin/un dessous de table = a bribe

    - un abus de pouvoir = an abuse of power

    - corrompu(e) = corrupted

    - un emploi fictif = a false job created by a person of power to divert money.

    - la fraude = fraud

    - frauduleux/frauduleuse = fraudulent

    - pistonner (quelqu'un) = to use one's connections and power to help a person access easily to a post of hich salary/authority.

    • The status of women = La condition/La situation/Le statut de la femme

    Vocabulary you would use with le statut de la femme :

    - la parité = parity/equality between men and women

    - le sexisme = sexism

    - une inégalité = an inequality

    - la discrimination = discrimination

    - un ménage = a household

    - une tâche domestique/ménagère = a household chore/task

    • Film appreciation (noun) = La cinéphilie

    - le cinéma = cinema

    - un cinéma = a movie theatre

    - un film = a film/movie

    - un blockbuster/un film à gros bidget = a blockbuster

    - un film indépendant = an independant film

    - un navet = a lame film

    - un nanar/un nanard = a film so lame it becomes excellent

    - un producteur/une productrice = a producer

    - un réalisateur/une réalisatrice = a movie director

    - un court métrage = a short film

    - un long métrage = a full length film

    - le doublage = dubbing

    - un acteur/une actrice = an actor/actress

    - un doubleur/une doubleuse = a voice actor/actress

    Source(s): I'm french
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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    American Schools?

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