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Finding centripetal acceleration?

We had to make a graph of period squared versus mass and were given the formula of t^2=(4pi^2r/ac)m and from this equation we use our slope (0.52) to find the centripetal acceleration. I think I am over thinking this problem, but I can not figure out how to solve this.

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    a = ω²r = 4π²r/T² rearranges to T² = 4π²r / a

    I don't know how you wiggled the mass into this equation.

    You have kg on the RHS, but not on the LHS.

    (I'm assuming your "ac" is acceleration, units m/s².)

    Is it possible you plotted T² vs the radius r?

    Then the slope = 0.52 = 4π² / a

    and you can easily solve for a.

    If you can elaborate, I'll have another look.

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