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is a zoo an animals best friend ?

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    Sanctuaries and conservation projects are an 'animal's best friend,' but when zoos exist to make profit by persuading tourists to come and gawp at their animals, removing the animals from their natural environment in the process, I don't believe so. There will be zoos that care more about animal welfare, but they are a minority by far. The benefits such as vet care can be provided in the animals' natural environment. I will never understand why people actually want to see such animals outside of their natural environment, often bored and understimulated. That's just my view, of course. I understand the arguments for zoos, but I would never give my money to one when such great conservation projects and sanctuaries exist for the benefit of the animals, rather than the humans who want to see them with animal welfare as an afterthought.

  • BJ
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    6 years ago

    For those on the verge of extinction I would say yes. Normally I would always say yes BUT after the incident where a zoo purposely raised a giraffe and then killed him for a no good (IMO) reason and fed to the lions then no. They had other options available and chose not to use them. The zoo also had the audacity to let the children watch - for educational purposes?

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    Depends on the zoo, but most of them are terrific and save many animals.

    They are heavily monitored and regulated. The reputable ones do not just grab animals out of the wild and cage them—they actually take animals that cannot live in the wild and provide proper habitats for them, vet care, and handle all their other needs. Without zoos, those animals would have nowhere to go.

    Most zoos are not evil, and do a great service in helping animals and educating the public.

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    I say no and I don't care what zoo... how would you like it to be kept in a room all day or some cage... I would rather be free and in the wild doing what ever it is I do best..

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  • Joe
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    6 years ago

    No, did you ever see a Lion in the Zoo. Very unhappy beast.

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