Opinion on these names :)?

Not expecting just collecting :)

Gwendolyn Kathleen

Ophelia Victoria

Seraphina Francesca

Aurora Felicity

Sherlock James

Hugh Thomas

Lloyd Alexander

Ivan Peter

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  • 6 years ago
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    Gwendolyn Kathleen-7/10

    Gwendolyn and Kathleen have been long favourites of mine, but together they don't have a flow at all. It's probably the end sound, -lynn and -leen, that makes them sound very similar to each other, so they don't flow together very well. I would suggest trying to only use one name with a different first/middle, or just having two middle names, Gwendolyn being first, another middle name, then Kathleen (Gwendolyn ____ Kathleen). Both of the names are very beautiful, but not together.

    Ophelia Victoria-8/10

    I LOVE Ophelia AND Victoria! They are at the absolute top of my list! Ophelia is such an elegant pretty name, and I also like that it was a character in Shakespeare's play, Hamlet. Victoria sounds so regal and beautiful, and sounds great as either first or middle. Together, again, they don't flow at all! It's probably that they both have a's at the end, and that doesn't work, giving them a bad flow. Try having separate names, Ophelia ___ and Victoria ___. If you want to still have the ring of Ophelia, try Ophelie, Victoria Ophelie. I know it's not the same, but it could be an alternative... Anyways, stunning names, absolutely amazing. Just try pairing them up with something else :)

    Seraphina Francesca-6/10

    I am not too keen on Seraphina nor Francesca, so that is why it is kind of at a low rating. Seraphina is just not my tastes, I just don't really like how it sounds, and Francesca I've had bad experiences, even though it's a nice name, but it brings back bad thoughts. The flow here really is terrible. It sounds just randomly put together, because the names don't match together. Try pairing them up with other names as well, because they will sound good with shorter middle/first names, and will flow better than when together.

    Aurora Felicity-6/10

    Aurora I am kind of new to. I haven't really heard it around, but it's okay. It isn't completely my tastes, but it has a nice, kind of 'mysterious' sound to it, like an aura. It somehow makes me think of a light sprinkle of gold, which I like about it. Felicity I absolutely cannot stand. I dislike it immensely, probably because it is a virtue name, but also because it sounds princessy and stuck-up to me. This one has a very nice flow, which is why it is at a pretty good rating (depending on what I think of the names). Just leave Felicity alone, and have Aurora be a middle name with a stunning, elegant one as the first. (My recommandation)

    Sherlock James-8/10

    Sherlock obviously reminds me of Sherlock Holmes, but I do like it. It sounds mysterious and different, in a good name. James has always been a favourite, and even though it's becoming quite popular, I still love it. For this, the flow isn't that good, it just sounds like Sherlock should be a middle name, just of the way they sound together. James Sherlock would be very nice, they sounds wonderful! Really good name, just switch them around for a better flow.

    Hugh Thomas-7/10

    Hugh I am not too keen on. It sounds very short and nickname-ish to me, and it isn't very appealing to me. Thomas is another favourite, I really love it. They have a pretty nice flow, could be better, but it's good enough. If you want, you could change Hugh to something more appropriate for Thomas, or have Thomas be the first name and another middle name. Nice names. Just try getting Thomas more out in the open.

    Lloyd Alexander-9/10

    Wow! I love this name! Lloyd is weirdly new to me, even though I've heard it, I've never considered it. It sounds very masculine and handsome, perfect match for Alexander too! They are both stunningly beautiful names, now both are at the top of my favourite's list as well. Their flow is amazing, it sounds very very nice. The name has a very nice ring to it. I love this! Stunning! Beautiful! Great job!

    Ivan Peter-7/10

    Ivan or Peter I am not too keen on. They have always seemed a bit not my tastes, and I have avoided them. They just seem very bland and plain, nothing really interesting about them. Ivan is okay, a bit different, but a bit too plain and short. Peter I have always found just a dislike for me, I don't know why. Together they don't have a a good flow along to them. If you really want to work with them, use them as middle names separately.

    My favourite ones out of there are Ophelia Victoria, Lloyd Alexander, and Sherlock James. I would prefer Ophelia and Victoria to be separate names, with beautiful middle names to accompany them. Lloyd Alexander is perfect and stunning as it is, and Sherlock James should be changed to James Sherlock.

    Overall, I love most of your taste in names, but you need to work on the flow of the middle nad first names. Love the names, you added some to the top of my favourites list! Stunning!

    Thanks, and hope this helped in any case!

    ~Ingrid ^.^

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  • 6 years ago

    Gwendolyn Kathleen - I think both names being longer than five letters and ending with the letter n doesn't work. I also prefer the original Welsh spelling of Gwendolen.

    Ophelia Victoria - Again, both names ending with the same letter somewhat throws the name off. I adore the name Ophelia and find the name Victoria to be a strong yet feminine name but together they're a bit off.

    Seraphina Francesca - I love the name Seraphine, it's very girly and unique. I've never really liked the name Francesca.

    Aurora Felicity - These names go sound perfect together.

    Sherlock James - I think James Sherlock would sound a bit better but it sounds like a very handsome name.

    Hugh Thomas - This is my favorite of the boy names, Hugh is a strong traditional name and Thomas was the name of my husband.

    Lloyd Alexander - I've never been too keen on either names but they sound pretty nice together.

    Ivan Peter - Ivan seems a bit harsh next too Peter but it works.

    I think if switched to Victoria Gwendolyn and Ophelia Kathleen the girl names would work a bit better.


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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    Seraphina Francesca

    Ivan Peter

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  • 6 years ago

    Ophelia Victoria

    Seraphina Francesca

    Aurora Felicity


    Lloyd Alexander

    are the nice ones not keen on the rest

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  • 6 years ago

    Sherlock, lol

    I like Kathleen and


    and for the boys I like Lloyd,James and Peter.

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    Love Gwendolyn, hate Kathleen.

    Love Ophelia, hate Victoria.

    Love Seraphina, hate Francesca (but love Frances).

    Love Aurora, hate Felicity.

    Weird how that worked out! lol

    I would recommend:

    Aurora Gwendolyn

    Aurora Seraphina

    Aurora Frances (FAVOURITE)

    Seraphina Frances

    Seraphina Gwendolyn

    Gwendolyn Frances

    Gwendolyn Aurora

    Gwendolyn Seraphina

    Gwendolyn Ophelia

    Ophelia Frances

    Ophelia Gwendolyn

    Ophelia Seraphina

    Frances Gwendolyn

    Frances Aurora

    Frances Ophelia

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  • Bex
    Lv 6
    6 years ago

    I like Gwendolyn and Kathleen a lot separately but not together.

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