My former SSD payee refusus to return money?

My former Social Security payee refuses to give back the money that she has from my SSD, What can I do to get the money back & what will social security do? Any helo would be great. Thanks


Also she has used ALOT of my SSD for herself, getting a car education, narcotics, glasses sending money to her family, & I also have proof that she did this as well. I dont know what to do to get the money back... Please help me.. Heck last summer I couldent even pay my water bill & she called social security for 2 extra checks totaling 302.00 That money was for my water bill & I had no water for 3 weeks because of her. Also the NArcotics were illeagaly(sp?) purchased to fund her habit.

Update 2:

She called the SS office & claimed that the check for June July & August never came & thay re-issiued the checks, I have the paper stateing that she recieved extra checks & that they ALL were cashed, On my Direct Express card you can see where she took off 400 dollars & then sent that money to her daughter inlaw (I have recipts) & in January she used my money for a eye exam & glasses, & even purchases a gun with the money as well. I know she didnt pay my bills because 1. During that time she never even talked or called my, My water was turned off due to non payment as well. I NEVER lived with her at all.

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  • Judith
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    6 years ago
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    Ex payees don't turn over monies to the beneficiary - they return any unused funds back to social security who reissues it to either you if you are now your own payee or to your current payee. This is an issue between the payee and social security.

    If your former payee used the benefits to cover the cost of your care; e.g. a place to live, utilities and food then she was using the money appropriately. If she charged you room and board because you were living with this person as long as you were provided with the necessities it doesn't matter how the payee spent the money because the room and board amount was the payee's to do with as she pleased. The funds enabled her to pay rent, utilities and to buy groceries - your share of the expenses..

    It's like my paying my rent - what the landlord does with it is none of my business.

    Social Security will obtain an accounting, determine the misused amount, if any, and will attempt to collect whatever funds were misspent.

    Social Security just doesn't re-issue benefits without first checking to see if benefits were already paid. If she received extra benefits, which I highly doubt, those benefits aren't due you to begin with and she will have to pay them back. That overpayment, if there is one, won't be held against you.

    Source(s): I was a social security claims rep for 32 years.
  • Lynn
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    6 years ago

    Last summer she claimed your checks didn't get to the account twice for a total of $302? Does that mean you're getting a whopping $156 in SSDI per month? How does someone buy glasses and purchase a gun with $156? I'd like to know where she can get an eye exam and glasses for that little. Skip the gun.

    And to top this off, Social Security accepted that she didn't get the money and never checked to see if she did? Can I sign up for that service? Man, I'd be okay if I could just get them to send me extra money for no particular reason.

    I don't think you have anything to report. I don't believe this is happening or you don't have any clear understanding of finances.

  • Contact Social Security and report her for fraud. She has to account for the money she has spent on your behalf and SSA will ask for proof if they believe it is necessary. She has committed felony if what you say is true.

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