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Minecraft Multiplayer LAN Server Over Bluetooth?

Me and my friends are going on a bus ride that'll be about 8-10 hours long and we will all have our laptops with us. Since there will be no static wifi or internet connection on the bus is there a way I can set up some sort of LAN server via Bluetooth or another service so that all of us can play together? Or does the connection between our laptops (about 4 of us) have to be wired for this to work? If so, how can I do this? Any advice would be great, thanks!

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    You could set up "ad-hoc" wireless between the computers (instead of normal infrastructure/AP mode), but you may need to manually configure IP address for each computer, with unique IP for each and same netmask that puts them all in the same network. Not sure if that would work for "Open to LAN" on minecraft. But if someone has a 64-bit OS and enough RAM, they could run a separate minecraft server and their client on the same computer.

    However, without any internet connection they would not be able to log into, so if running a separate server you likely need to set online-mode=false in and test if the clients run offline without an internet connection.

    Whatever setup you settle on, you should try it all ahead of time to see if it works.

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    Minecraft Multiplayer Bluetooth

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    I don't know much about Bluetooth but you guys can try to play with 2 on each server assuming there's 4 of you by using Ethernet cables so if you have a pc select a partner and the one to be host has to open to lan the both computers has to be connected using the Ethernet cable just plug it in and that's all don't mess with the options etc. just go to minecraft open to lan and then he can join from the multiplayer tab in minecraft

    Source(s): This is how I play with my brother
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